Techno Music in Portland, Oregon

A curated list of information about where to find techno music in Portland, Oregon. Discover Portland-based techno artists, event promoters, labels, etc.

Portland techno artists range from four on the floor techno DJs and producers to live experimentalists and everything in between. This list is not comprehensive, nor is it intended to be. But if you think we’re missing something essential please feel free to contact us here.

Portland Techno Music – Event Production Companies / Promoters / Labels


Believe You Me – Best known for house and related sounds, BYM has also hosted some impressive techno acts including DJ Nobu, Lindsey Herbert, and Rrose.

Disposable Commodities – Limited edition vinyl label relocated from the Midwest to PDX. Featuring artists such as Doubt, DJ DIS.CO.

DVRK_ROOM_SESSIONS – Hard and industrial techno events

FACELESS – High quality underground music events.

Live in the Depths – 100% live performances across multiple genres but regularly featuring techno and related sounds

Occasion Vibration – Event series featuring everything from spaced out disco and house to some techno.

Opal Underground – events from the team behind Portland event series Circuit Breaker, NoFOMO and Gay Nineties.

Renegade Rhythms – Artist collective and production crew who were among the city’s earliest advocates for Detroit and Chicago-influenced techno and house music, remaining active to this day.

Spend the Night – Long-running event series where house, techno and bass collide. Bookings include Ben UFO, Mike Servito, Matrixxman, Kink, Kevin Saunderson etc.

SubSensory Recordings – Record label and event production company owned by Jack Coleman (JAK) with over 100 releases on the SubSensory label to-date. Bookings include Noncompliant, DVS1, Truncate, Kanding Ray, Headless Horseman, Anastasia Kristensen, etc. – An virtual clubbing experience with the best in global techno, which happens to be spearheaded in part by members of the Portland-based Renegade Rhythms crew.

Werm – Underground events featuring artists such as D.Dan, Jensen Interceptor, Minimal Violence

Portland Techno Music – Producers, Dj’s & Live Performers


Ali Bakhtiar/Bakht – Teknologik, White Line Music
Andy Warren – Believe You Me
Arkatekt – Reworck, White Line Music
Andrew Paris
 – Faceless
Auscultation – 100% Silk
B Grade
Blue Spectral Monkey
Brandon Braun
Bryan Zentz – Plus 8/Amam
Camino Acid – (SciFiSol + Carlo Frio)
Carly Barton – Blankstairs
DeLyria – User Defined
D.Lawrence (aka Ben Horne)
D.Vices (electro/techno project of JAK)
Dave Bate – Renegade Rhythms
Evan Toutz – A Squared Muzik
Guilt Attendant (now NYC-based)
JAK – SubSensory
Jerry Abstract – Modern Occcult Musick
Justin Neal
Krista Bourgeois – Tenth Aesthetic (now Berlin-based)
LilRoj/Dmux – SubSensory
Leeonn – Spend the Night
Michael Mitchell – Renegade Rhythms
Marcus Knauer – SubSensory
Optimal Decay – SubSensory
Plus – Werm
Reid Stubblefield
Roman Zawodny – UKR
Solenoid – Community Library, Partout
Screendoor – Disposable Commodities
Seqwenzer – SubSensory
SpaceTimeManipulator – Techno Inception
SciFiSol – Pleasure Boat Records
Spencer Hardwick 
Tony Laboy – Noche de Techno
Tracy Why – Cock Block/SubSensory
Tom Mitchell (DLYTE) – Renegade Rhythms
Vakkuum – Turbo
Wndfrm – Prologue Music

Thanks for supporting techno in Portland!