Noncompliant’s set for Subsensory’s Sept. 2018 event featured at Ghostly

Noncompliant’s set for Subsensory’s Sept. 2018 event featured at Ghostly

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Lisa Smith has wielded a rapid-fire mixing style since the ’90s, first as DJ Shiva, more recently as Noncompliant. Her new alias nods to the feminist comic book Bitch Planet, in which disobedient women are banished to a bleak prison planet. This spirit of defiance extends to her music, a searing brand of techno inspired by punk and industrial and honed over 20 years at underground raves across the Midwest as well as recent appearances at Unsound Krakow, De School, Kaiku, and Berghain.

GhostlyCast #78, recorded live last month at SUBsensory PDX, finds her in fierce & fine form.


  1. Breaka – Puffer Jackets [Holding Hands]
  2. Hadamard – The Will To Power [Propaganda Moscow]
  3. Lewski – Decommissioned Androids [Wolfskuil]
  4. Bodyjack – Tandaya [Dext]
  5. LA-4A – Prollum [Delft]
  6. Posthuman – Tusk Beats [Chiwax]
  7. Josh Wink – Superfreak [Ovum]
  8. Look Like – Control [Mistress]
  9. DJ Lil’ Tal – Funkin’ With Another Drum [Dance Mania/Jupiter4]
  10. Paul Johnson – Aww Shit [Relief]
  11. Jake Conlon – Groke [Decoy
  12. Assailants – Effort 8 [Obscurity Is Infinite]
  13. 2000 And One – Spunk The Funk [Bitten]
  14. Ben Long – Potential 002 B2 [Potential]
  15. Alden Tyrell – Interceptor [Clone Basement Series]
  16. Cleric – The 6th Day (Wrong Assessment Remix) [Clergy]
  17. Hector Oaks – All This Was Fire [Oaks]
  18. Ryan McKay – Deception [Bek Audio]
  19. Another Alias – Built To Spill [White Of My Eyes]
  20. Jamie Bissmire – Number and Measure (Chris McCormack Remix) [Ground]
  21. Callum Plant – Second Send (Juan Trujillo Remix) [Simplecoding]
  22. Fjaak – XXL 14 [Fjaak]
  23. Christian Smith, Harry Romero – Jungle Life (Petter B Remix) [Tronic]
  24. Cari Lekebusch & Benjamin Mull – Perception [H Prod]
  25. Secret Studio – For Donna (Grime Time Mash Up] [Secret Studio]
  26. Plastikman – Spastik [Novamute]
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