Get weird with Andrew Boie & JGarrett on SubSensory radio

Get weird with Andrew Boie & JGarrett on SubSensory radio

The latest edition of SubSensory Radio is now available on SoundCloud for streaming and download. This month we have two guest mixes. Hour one comes from infamous vinyl digger Andrew Boie, with some murky cave music. Following that we have an hour of uptempo techno and acid from Canadian dj, producer and label boss at Subspec Music, JGarrett.

Expect two hours of highly diverse techno including music by Gunnar Haslam, Milton Bradley, Marco Shuttle, Shifted, Dmux/LilRoj, Rennie Foster, Andrei Morant, Drumcomplex, JAK, Advanced Human and more. Full tracklists are posted below

Hour 1 Andrew Boie
Gunnar Haslam – Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom [Mister Saturday Night]
Milton Bradley – Interdimensional Entity [Do Not Resist The Beat!]
L. B. Dub Corp – Lurcher’s Dub [Mote Evolver]
Cassegrain – Lop-nor [Prologue]
Prince of Denmark – Soulfood [Giegling]
Marco Shuttle – The Vox Attitude [Eerie]
Sandwell District – Variance III (Marcel Dettmann Edit) [Sandwell District]
Marcus Suckut – Turn On [Mosaic]
Michal Wolski – Eightfold Path [Blank Slate]
Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann remix) [Dekmantel]
80xx – Grindr [Plus 8]
Peter Van Hoesen – Breach [Time To Express]
Shifted – Telic [Our Circula Sound]
Post Scriptum – Gliese 581 [Infrastructure New York]
Jeff Mills – Planet Receptors [Axis]
Truncate – Is it Skinny? [Mote Evolver]
Dwig – Zu Hause Unterwegs [Giegling]
Bjarki – PC Muscles [Trip]

Hour 2 JGarrett
Holoplex – Dmux
Madonna – 4NYØN3 – Anywhere EP
Skunk – Billy Dalessandro
Exotherm (CJW Remix) – Audiothief Rescue Mission
Countered – Stray Acid (Stir Crazy Mix)
Gamera Vs Viras – Advanced Human
Magnetic Woods – Melokolektiv
Sliders – Thomas Delecroix
JGarrett – The Explicit Warning
Lsd1 – Beat Movement
Rennie Foster – Magenta (Shawn Rudiman Remix)
She just love me because she doesn’t live with me – ˆL_
Follow Me (Mateo Murphy Remix) – Shine Dark
JGarrett – They Stole Lobros’ Brain (JAK Remix)
We Have Already Passed The Point Of No Return – A45
Anon – Andrei Morant
Junglism – Drumcomplex
Tangent (Dorian Gray Remix) – Claudio Coccia
Wasat (Original Mix) – Novakk
Power Of Darkness – Curses

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