Techno Music in Portland, Oregon

A curated list of information about where to find techno music in Portland, Oregon. Discover Portland techno artists, event promoters, labels, etc.

Portland techno artists range from four on the floor techno DJs and producers to live experimentalists and everything in between. This list is not comprehensive, nor is it intended to be. But if you think we’re missing something essential please feel free to contact us here.

Portland Techno Music – Event Production Companies / Promoters / Labels

Bridge Club – A Portland based queer, DJ collective hosting events around Portland that focus on music, art, and the LGBTQIA community. Bookings range from house to techno and beyond.

Broad Beats Collective – A collective created to connect Portland and the greater PNW women in electronic music

Disposable Commodities – Limited edition vinyl label recently relocated from the Midwest to PDX. Featuring artists such as Doubt, DJ DIS.CO.

Final Report – Dance to hard industrial rhythms, minimal waves, technoid pulsations, and icy cold synths every third Wednesday at Killingsworth Dynasty.

Flight – Art of Hot’s long-running monthly is best known for house-related sounds, but also includes techno.

FACELESS – High quality underground music events.

Odyssey – Private event series focusing on live performances and DJ’s playing techno, acid, house, classics and disco in an underground environment.

Renegade Rhythms – Artist collective and production crew who were among the city’s earliest advocates for Detroit and Chicago-influenced techno and house music, remaining active to this day.

Saints of Bass – Recurring event series hosting techno as well as other forms of electronic music. Past bookings include John Tejada, Appendics.Shuffle, DJ Shiva and others.

S1 – Non-profit, artist run project space in Portland OR. Home of the Synth Library.

The Liquor Store – SE PDX venue hosting a variety of music events, including various events featuring top-notch techno.

Spend the Night – Monthly event series at The Liquor Store where house, techno and bass collide. Recent bookings include Mike Servito, Matrixxman, and more.

SubSensory Recordings – Record label and event production company owned by Jack Coleman (JAK) with over 80 releases on the SubSensory label to-date. Bookings include DVS1, Truncate, Kanding Ray, Headless Horseman, Patrick Russell, and more.

Portland Techno Music – Producers, Dj’s & Live Performers

Aaron Nesbit – Superbra
Alex ZorinGood Mood Promotion
Anunaki AfroTech
Andy Warren
Apartment Fox
Ashley Griffin
– Details Sound
Andrew Boie
– Blankstairs/Kansas City Techno
Ben Tactic – Spend the Night
Blue Spectral Monkey 
Bryan Zentz – Plus 8/Amam
Camino Acid – (SciFiSol + Carlo Frio)
Carly Barton – Blankstairs
Centrikal – Peloton
Coast2C – Gran Ritmos
Dave Bate – Renegade Rhythms
Evan Toutz – A Squared Muzik
Graintable – Car Crash Set/Innerflight Music
Ian Hicks
Invisible Ziggurat
JAK – SubSensory
Jerry Abstract – Modern Occcult Musick
Jonas Rake
LilRoj – SubSensory/Fade Records
Lorna Dune
Mason Roberts – Analog
Michael Mitchell – Renegade Rhythms
Middle Majesty
Marcus Knauer – SubSensory
Optimal Decay – SubSensory
Patricia Wolf
Reid Stubblefield
Roman Zawodny – UKR
Sean Pierce – Motor
Seth Hollender
Solenoid – Community Library
Screendoor – Disposable Commodities
Seqwenzer – SubSensory/Radda Records
SciFiSol – Pleasure Boat Records
Tracy Why – Cock Block/SubSensory
Tom Mitchell (DLYTE) – Renegade Rhythms
Vakkuum – Turbo
Vera Rubin
Wndfrm – Prologue Music

Other Resources

One Wub – Quality Sound and Equipment Rentals
Alignment Sound – Big sound!
Brandy Gray – High Quality Video/Projection
Funk-tion Media – High Quality Video/Projection

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